Projector Screen Fabrics

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What projector screen fabrics are available?

Projector Screen Fabrics

There are a few different types of projection screens available to fit many different needs. The following are the most common:
Matte White: The most versatile screen fabric and the best choice when ambient light is controllable.
Video Spectra 1.5: Designed for demanding video and overhead LCD projection.
Glass Beaded: Glass beads in the screen's surface provide high reflection and contrast. This attribute creates an unparalleled screen surface that reproduces vibrant life-like color at moderate viewing angles.
Super Wonder-Lite; Employs a ridged pattern, embossed into the screen. No glare and hot spots, even in partially darkened rooms. Not available on all screen types.
High Power: Combines the reflectivity of a glass beaded surface with the ability to clean the surface when required.
Wide Power: Wide Power combines the features of a high screen with a wider, 45-degree viewing angle.



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