LCOS: What it Means to You and your Projector

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Will the future projectors be LCD, DLP, or LCOS?

LCOS: What it Means to You and your Projector

When it comes to the future trends of projectors, one thing is certain- LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) promises to be the next major projector technology. Replacing LCD and DLP, LCOS has the highest resolutions as well as the fastest refresh rates for projector viewing. We can expect to see many more LCOS projectors at a significantly lower cost in the future. What does this mean to you, the consumer? Well the benefits of LCOS are:

The Highest non-CRT Contrast Ratio – this means better color definition for the viewer

The Highest Resolution- greatest detailed pictures and images

The Highest Refresh Rates- people who are sensitive to eye-fatigue and flicker will benefit from this

LCOS takes the best of both LCD and DLP technology and blends them together giving the viewer the best picture available.



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