Replaceable Lenses: Projector Trends

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Can I change the lens on my projector?

Replaceable Lenses: Projector Trends

One of the new features with projectors is the inclusion of replaceable lenses. Your projector will display images based upon Lumens. One Lumen is equivalent to one candle. The more Lumens your projector has, the brighter the projector will display images on the screen. In the past, your projector would include one lens and subsequently one set amount of Lumens. Now, projectors are allowing users to change the lenses on their projectors simply and efficiently, as well as changing the amount of Lumens that they need. This gives the user increasing freedom and flexibility to use their projectors in a number of different environments. Now, you can use one projector in the board room, the classroom, or a dimly lit home theater to watch movies.



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