Projector lamps: Changing the projector lamp

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Projector lamps: Changing the projector lamp Tip: A projector lamp will gradually lose brightness over time. In fact, the curve is so slight that you may not even notice it. When your presentation or video has dimmed so much that you can hardly see the image, it's time to order a new projector lamp. Another way that you'll know that you need a projector lamp replacement is by viewing the total lamp hours used on the projector. All projectors have a built-in lamp hour counter that starts at zero when new, and should be reset once you change the projector lamp. You should be able to find the total projector lamp hours used within the menu system of your projector. Consult your users' manual for instructions on how to check projector lamp hours on your model of projector. If you no longer have a users' manual, go to and one of our sales associates will search their library of user manuals and email to you.



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