Projectors for less: Fewer Projector Features

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How can I buy a projector for less money?

Projectors for less: Fewer Projector Features

Do you remember the pen that was also a radio, a flashlight, a cigarette lighter, a pocket knife and a videogame? The joke that went around was, “Yes, but does it write?” Today's projectors have features that are great selling points, but you have to ask yourself if you'll actually use each of the projector features. Rather, start with a quality projector that projects a clear, bright image and if it has a few bells and whistles, make sure that those projector features don't make the price climb too high.

An example of a feature that many people pay for, but rarely use is a PCMCIA slot on a digital projector. This feature allows a presenter to store a presentation within the digital projector, without having to bring your laptop! A great invention that adds several hundred dollars to the price of the projector, however, most people never utilize its advantages, making the PCMCIA slot useless.



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