Projector Zoom Lenses: Digital Zoom Lens

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Should I choose a projector with a power zoom lens?

Projector Zoom Lenses: Digital Zoom Lens

Most projectors have a zoom lens, allowing the adjustment of the image size without moving the DLP or LCD projector. A projector with a zoom factor of 1.2x will allow you to adjust the picture by only 20%. Look for a DLP or LCD projector with a higher zoom, as it will allow you to present an image that will match most any screen size.
A digital zoom lens on a projector allows you to further move into the frame by having the DLP or LCD projector continually resize the image. It is a nice feature to have in conjunction with manual/power zoom because as you move into the frame, the screen size remains the same.



11/22/2011 11:05:07 PM
Vijay said:

I was searching to get this tip. I had got a LG projector and it did not have a zoom at all. I always had to move the projector to adjust size. Hence I returned it and did not want to make the same mistake again. Now I know what to look out for.


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