Projector Lamps: Projector Lamp Life Expectancy

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What is the life of a projector lamp?

Projector Lamps: Projector Lamp Life Expectancy

For older model projector (prior to year 2000), most projector lamps last approximately one thousand hours. Today's newer multimedia projectors feature projector lamps that will last for two thousand hours or more. A few multimedia projectors will produce up to four thousand hours of use, and a handful will boast an astonishing six thousand hours of projector lamp use.

Many multimedia projectors now offer two different lamp ratings in their specs. The lower number is the projector lamp life expectancy under normal use. There are also a higher number of hours offered if you use the projector in Eco-mode. By sacrificing a little brightness from the multimedia projector, you can add many hours to the life of your projector lamp. A good rule of thumb to save lamp hours is not to use more brightness than you need in any given situation. When your projected image does start to dim, sells projector lamps for most any model of multimedia projector.



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