NEC Projectors

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Which projector brand is best?

NEC Projectors

Benefits of purchasing an NEC projector:

*Broadest line of product - NEC offers over 20 large screen displays to support most any application.

* Works every time - NEC projectors are rock solid. A recent independent market study from TFC Info showed that NEC projectors and NEC plasmas are known to have among the highest quality in the industry.

* Industry leading service and support - As reported in the 2003 Pacific Media Reseller's Survey, NEC is a leader in projector quality and reliability, after-sales support and return/repair programs.

* Crystal clear images - All NEC projectors and NEC plasmas show clear images every time. Research shows that NEC projectors and plasmas are known to display the best images and NEC continues to earns numerous awards and accolades for image quality and performance.



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