Projector Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a projector for less money?

What is the life of a projector lamp?

How much does a projector lamp cost?

Should I install the projector lamp myself?

How should I dispose of used projector lamps?

What is the warranty on projector lamps?

How can I get the most hours out of my projector lamp?

How do I clean my projector lens?

Why wonīt my projector work?

Should I mount my projector myself?

Where should I put my projector?

At what temperatures is it best to use my projector?

What can harm my projector?

How do I make sure my projector has proper ventilation?

How do I protect my projector from theft and damage?

Should I choose a projector with a manual zoom lens?

Should I choose a projector with a power zoom lens?

Should I choose a projector with a digital zoom lens?

Is there a difference in projector warranties?

Should I consider a wireless projector?

What should I look at when choosing a projector for my classroom?

Why should I use a classroom projector?

What type of projector is best for my bar/club?

What type of projector is best for my church?

How do I create better PowerPoint presentations?

How do I create and deliver PowerPoint presentations?

How can I use a projector in my classroom?

What screen is best for my home theatre projector?

Should I buy a CRT projector or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

Should I buy a plasma or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

Should I buy a big screen TV or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

What cables are best for my home theatre projector?

How do I keep my remote control from breaking?

How do I keep my remote control from breaking?

Where do I aim my projector remote during my presentation?

Which projector brand is best?

How do I know if the ROI is worth buying a DLP projector?

What is a DLP Projector?

What is a semiconductor used for DLP?

What exactly is Digital Light Processing?

Who make DLP projectors?

What kind of projectors does InFocus offer?

What kind of projectors does HP offer?

What kind of projectors does IBM offer?

What kind of projectors does BenQ offer?

What kind of projectors does Optoma offer?

What kind of pricetag comes with a DLP projector?

How much does it cost to replace the lamps on DLP projectors?

Can I order a DLP projector online with confidence?

Can I rent a projector for a trade show presentation?

What is LCOS?

What's an easy way to compare trade show projectors?

What do you reccomend I purchase for my portable projector?

What kind of presentation remotes are available?

What is a presentation remote?

Is the ROI worth thinking about when purchasing projector accessories?

What little things might I overlook but would need for my projector?

Is it true that some projectors enable the use of bluetooth?

How do I know I'm choosing the correct projector screen?

What projector screen fabrics are available?

What is the difference between a regualr projector and a network projector?

Who would benefit most from a network projector?

What are the benefits of using a network projector for a project manager?

How can network projectors benefit projector users?

What type of network projector should I use for large presentations?

Which network projector would be a good fit for a medium size company?

Which network projector should I use for a small business with minimal projection needs?

What can I expect to pay for a network projector?

What will help my ROI?

What kind of projectors can I find that weigh no more than 7 pounds?

What kind of projectors weigh under 7 pounds?

How light do portable projectors get?

What are the screens available to be used with portable projectors?

What kinds of Tri-pod projector screens are found on the market?

What should I think about when buying an LCD projector?

What brands offer LCD projectors?

How do lcd projectors work?

Whatis a popular projector model from Panasonic?

What kind of projectors does Toshiba offer?

Is the Epson Powerlite projector worth the investment?

Does Mitsubishi make LCD projectors?

How often will I need to change the lcd projector lamp?

Is there anything I should do when I have found the model I want to buy?

What if I find a good deal on an LCD projector but I'm not familiar with the brand?

Is a brighter projector better for a classroom?

What are the differences between lumens?

Ceiling mounting or table top, what's better for my business?

What different type of screens are there?

What's better, LCD or DLP?

Can a businees benefit from ultra light projectors?

Do we need a fixed installation projector?

What are the different types of resolution for projectors

How long is the warranty for a projector?

Can we rent or lease a projector?

What are the leading brands for home theater projectors?

Does Casio make a home theater projector for me?

What Mitsubishi home theater projector is best for my home?

What can a home theater do for me?

Which Toshibal home theater projector is best for me?

What home theater projector would be good if I've never had one before?

What are the low end prices for home theater projectors?

What is the price difference for a home theater projector.

What accessories will I need for my home theater projector?

Will the lighting affect my home theater projector?

Is surround sound a must for my new home theater projector?

Do screens make a difference for my home theater projector?

Is wiring a issue for my home theater projector?

Will I have to buy addtional lamps for my home theater projector?

Can I replace the bulb in my church projector?

Does screen size matter?

What is Keystoning?

Are there wireless church projectors?

Does it make a difference if my computer and church projector have different settings?

How important is contrast when choosing church projectors?

Do church projectors have speakers?

Should I choose a DLC or LPD church projector?

How can I determine what type of church projector I need?

Should portability affect my choice of church projector?

Can classroom projectors connect to other devices?

What are some tips for using Power Point with classroom projectors?

How many Lumens should I look for when choosing a classroom projector?

How much should a classroom projector weigh?

Can all classroom projectors connect to a Macintosh computer?

Can I use a different remote control for my classroom projector and presentation?

Can I connect my classroom projector to a sound system?

Are there any educational discounts when purchasing classroom projectors?

How long can I expect the bulb to last on a classroom projector?

What is GSA?

How can a vendor sell government projectors?

What kind of projector can handle the State of the Union Address?

What should I look for in a government projector used for training?

Are there wireless government projectors?

How many Lumens should a portable government projector have?

Can I use different lenses on my government projector?

Is the case that came with my government projector enough to protect it when traveling?

Can my government projector overheat?

Can I get a free warranty on my government projector with my GSA account?

Will the future projectors be LCD, DLP, or LCOS?

What is Senseye?

What is XGA Compression?

What are the benefits of a Digital Micromirror Device?

Can I make my own wireless network with my projector?

What is the future of classroom projectors?

Can I change the lens on my projector?

Can I surf the Internet with my projector?

What are the benefits of SXRD projector technology?

Will cell phones ever have projectors?

Recent Projector Questions

Q. my lcd projector is showing a brown tinge in the centre of the picture displayed on the wall.the rest of the colours are fine around the display.
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Q. I already have a ceiling mounted projector in my church, and would like to know is it possible to control the projectors funtion like turning on and off, etc from my computer from 75 feet away in a sound booth?
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Q. How long does the bulb last in a LCD projector when used in a home theatre enviorment (on average) ?
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Q. what is the advantage of using LCD projector over Plasma TV.
Thank U
Eng. khalid
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Q. What is a DMD projector?
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Q. What are the most specifications I should consider when buying a new projector?
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Q. Iím currently working on a Power Point presentation, using a Canon LV-S2 multimedia projector. Iím trying to integrate short mpeg clips into the presentation. To do so, I create a shortcut to the mpeg file so it is projected with Windowís media player. I also tried doing this with other viewers.
The clip shows up on my laptopís screen, but not on the projected image. I just get a black screen outlined by the viewerís frame.
Iíve tried doing this with different clips, viewers and projectors. I just canít get the clip projected through the projector.
Please help me because my deadline is looming dangerously close.
Thank you.

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Q. I recently bought an Optoma 739 projector. I have a dvd player with s-video and the 3 component video outputs. The projector has dvi-d, vga, s-video, and a single rca input. What is the best connections to link the two together? Thank You
Rod Hansen
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Q. I would use an lcd-projector to project more or less the same continuous image for like 10hours a day for e period of 3 months. Is it possible that the image `burns in`?
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Q. I replaced a bulb in a toshiba projector. How can I reset the timer on the bulb?
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Q. I have a Mitsubishi LVP X300U projector which is showing small dots on the screen, presumably dust on the LCDs. I have managed to remove the cover but how do I get at the LCD panels? Many thanks in advance.
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Q. What brightness projector should I use in a church with subdued light but several windows. Also, what connectors should be available on my computer or dvd player. Your site seems to suggest 2500 lumens. Thanks. DAVE
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Q. im seeing dark spots in the corners of my screen. does this mean my lamp is not to good anymore? i have a viewsonic pj551 and it has 2500 hours on it. it`s suppose to go 4000 hours on whisper mode which i had it on, but maybe it`s going.
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Q. I am thinking about purchasing a projector to replace my current 52" tv that is used for everyday use (watching news, local tv programs, dvds, etc.). Are there limitations with a projector that I should consider, for use in this situation. I am weighing purchasing a rear projection tv or a projector and would like some advice.

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Q. MY bulb has timed out just on Christmas Eve. Is there a way I can reset the timer while I wait for the new bulb? How do I reset the timer when I install the new bulb? My projector is a Sharp XV-ZW99U.
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Q. I am borrowing a friend`s Compaq MP 1600 DLP projector. When I run video, the image is alomst like a photographic negative. It shows the Compaq logo in white, not red. Is the lamp broken? The bulb counter only says it has 400 hrs on it.
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Q. If i have a DVD player with Component Video outputs (3 of them) and my Projector has only a VGA port thru which i need to feed component inputs, then i believe i need to purchase a VGA-to-Component cable. Is my assumption correct? If so, would such a VGA-2-Component adapter cable, degrade the image resolution when compared to feeding Component Video inputs directly to a Projector that is equipped with Component Vidoe Ins?Thank You Very much.
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Q. I just purchased a Panasonic PTAE700u. How reistant to dust buildup on the LCD panels is this unit? And how would one go about cleaning that dust away. How would I gain access to the LCD panels for cleaning purposes?
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Q. I was wondering if there is a limit on the length of component and s-video cables. I need a 15-meter cable. Is this length prohibitive for component and s-video cables? I guess that component cables are more susceptible to flunctuations, is it better to use an S-video cable for this distance?
Thank you very much in advance
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