Sound And My Home Theater Projector

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Is surround sound a must for my new home theater projector?

Sound And My Home Theater Projector

One of the main reasons to have a home theater projector is to have the best theater experience possible, to make it feel like you're really at the theater. Most projectors come with an analog speaker built in which will leave you sadly disappointed if this is all you have to work with. If you're going to invest in a home theater projector, then surround sound is a must. You'll want to look into a surround sound system, preferably 7.1 for the best possible sound quality. This means you will need to invest in a stereo receiver that is Dolby digital capable, preferably 7.1. And then you're going to need speakers, which you can purchase as a group or one-by-one, as needed. Of course, this is going to add a lot more to the overall cost of the home theater. But if you want the full experience, it is necessary.



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