Which Church Projector is Best- DLC or LPD?

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Should I choose a DLC or LPD church projector?

Which Church Projector is Best- DLC or LPD?

When choosing church projectors you will be able to select from DLC or LPD models. DLC stands for Digital Light Processing and LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is recommended that you select a LCD church projector due to the fact that LCD projectors are brighter and have more distinct colors.



10/31/2007 6:30:56 PM
Bryan Hunt said:

This comment has some confusion. First, I think the references to DLC are meant to be references to DLP. Second, if this is true, then DLP projectors are typically far brighter than LCD. I would recommend DLP for a church setting, not LCD.

1/20/2008 10:52:16 AM
Kyle said:

typo -- DLC or LPD dont you mean DLP and LCD.

Everything that I have read about DLP vs LCD is that DLP have better contrast and they are brighter because the light does not have to pass through the liquid crystal display first.

12/3/2008 5:27:03 AM
ZBertsch said:

DLP's however have a better dynamic contrast than most LCD projectors, giving you better definition. If you buy a high lumen projector-3000 lumen or higher-then having the better contrast will offset the brightness. It is all in the application.


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