Classroom Projectors:Overall Benefits

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Why should I use a classroom projector?

Classroom Projectors:Overall Benefits

The main reason that educators upgrade their overhead projectors and whiteboards to multimedia projectors is to improve the performance of their students. Multimedia projectors certainly do an exceptional job in helping students learn, but that's just the beginning. Classroom multimedia projectors provide many additional benefits that educators quickly realize once they start using them.
In a recent study, educators rated various benefits resulting from the use of classroom multimedia projectors. The result were as follows:
- 98% of respondents said that projectors provided a significant improvement in student attention
- 94% reported significant presentation quality
- 94% reported easier editing of presentations
- 94% reported a greater ease in presenting information
- 90% reported a significant improvement of understanding information
- 80% reported a significant improvement in retention of information
- 74% reported a significant overall time savings
- 62% reported a significant overall cost savings
There are numerous reasons to purchase a multimedia projector for your classroom.



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