Projectors in Bars: Smoke and Dust

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Projectors in Bars: Smoke and Dust

Few things will shorten a multimedia projector's lamp life and overall life than smoke and dust, and bars and clubs have to contend with this. Both smoke and dust will clog the delicate electronic components of a multimedia projector and bring it to a screeching halt.

LCD projectors tend to fare worse in a smoke-filled environment. Nicotine can adhere to the LCD panels making it very difficult to clean. This affects the overall image, at the same time it shortens the life of the projector. Some DLP projectors have sealed optics and are generally easier to maintain in a smoke-heavy environment.
One option to minimize smoke contamination to your multimedia projector is to put the projector in a “Smoke Box”. This is simply a glass box that will house your projector. In addition to reducing the amount of smoke that will ruin a projector, it will also help reduce any fan noise from the projector.

Projector manufacturers typically do not warranty against smoke and nicotine on the multimedia projectors' components. If you are in a smoke rich environment, consider that your projector will last 12-18 months before you will have to replace it. Sealed optics and smoke boxes will drastically improve the time you get from the projector, and could potentially gain you an additional 12 or so months.



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