Home Theatre Projector Screens: Screen Styles

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What screen is best for my home theatre projector?

Home Theatre Projector Screens: Screen Styles

Other things to consider once you have chosen a fabric are styles of screens. You can get a permanent wall mounted screen, a manual pull down screen, or electric screen or even a portable screen that would allow you to have a mobile home theatre (which is great way to keep friends from moving in to your house permanently!). Here is a look at what screens will work with which fabrics:

In order to use a high contrast screen fabric or some of the fabrics that increase gain, you have to have a permanently mounted screen or tab-tensioned electric. The reason for this is these materials are very spongy and need to be pulled taught in every direction to be most effective.

For those of you who are looking to utilize a living room for a home theatre and therefore do not want a screen open on the wall all the time should look at manual and electric screens.

The next step in a retractable screen is the electric. Electric screens hard wire into your home and work on a three position wall switch (up, down, and stop). Tab tensioned electric screens allow a perfectly flat image by having the screen pulled taught, both vertically and horizontally.



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