CRT Projectors: Less bright than LCD and DLP Projectors

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Should I buy a CRT projector or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

CRT Projectors: Less bright than LCD and DLP Projectors

The true downside to CRT projectors is the level of brightness and range of maintenance involved. In terms of brightness, even the top of the line CRT projectors top out at about 500 lumens.

Now in comparison with something like the NEC LT265 DLP projector, which has 2500 lumens of brightness and a much stronger contrast ratio, it begs the question of how important is having no pixels when you can gain so much more from another technology?

Fortunately, today's home theater projectors offer a vast choice of both LCD and DLP projectors that feature enough brightness than you can watch a movie with the lights on!
Discover the difference in DLP projectors and LCD projectors with brightness, great video quality and affordability.



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