Plasma Screens: Cost more than home theater projectors

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Should I buy a plasma or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

Plasma Screens: Cost more than home theater projectors

Plasma screens are a fantastic technology both for video projectors and data. It allows very bright true images and takes up very little space since it hangs from your wall.

So what are the drawbacks? There are actually a few drawbacks to this technology that might make you want to consider a home theater projector over a plasma screen. First, they are incredibly expensive. A 60" diagonal plasma will run over $8,000.00 and can weigh over 100 lbs. This means you must have a special plasma mount hung on a reinforced beam for it to not come crashing down on your floor and turning into the most expensive paperweight ever made.

Want to compare plasma screens to home theater projectors? Home theater projectors are becoming increasingly affordable. Ranging in price from less than a thousand dollars to $6000 for a phenomenal home theater projector, you'll still have enough money to buy a premium sound system with the money you save over buying a plasma screen.



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