Plasma Screens: Image Burn

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Should I buy a plasma or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

Plasma Screens: Image Burn

Not only do plasma screens burn out over time, an image can also get burned into a plasma screen. Let's say you are a weather junkie. You wake up in cold sweats because you just can't stop watching The Weather Channel. First of all, you have bigger problems than image burn at this point, but I digress. When watching a station such as this, for advertising purposes, the station will leave a logo in one of the upper or lower corners all of the time. When left on this channel for a few hours, The Weather Channel logo will eventually burn right into the plasma screen. This logo could appear no matter what you watch on the plasma screen.

On the other hand, home theater projectors do not have this problem of image burn. Pause your video and leave the room for a week and the image will not be burned on the projector or the screen.



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