Big Screen TVs: Not True Home Theatre

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Should I buy a big screen TV or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

Big Screen TVs: Not True Home Theatre

When you think of home theater, what comes to mind? Sitting on a big comfortable couch with a bowl full of popcorn the size of you head (that didn't cost $9.00 at a concession stand) and watching a movie the size of your entire wall.

Home Theater means BIG images, BIG sound and a HUGE experience. Some people will say that a 50" big screen TV and a good sound system will give the true home theater experience. Truthfully, these people have never watched a movie 8' tall by 10' wide, with earth shaking sound.

A home theater projector is your answer to true home theater. Once you watch your first movie projected
from a front projection home theater, your big screen TV will find a new home in the in-law suite. Check out why every home theater should have a home theater projector as its main component. Your friends and neighbors will thank you.



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