Choosing The Right Projection Screen

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How do I know I'm choosing the correct projector screen?

Choosing The Right Projection Screen

Choosing the correct projection screen is as important as choosing the right projector for the presentations you make. The following four steps are a guide to choosing the right screen:

- Choose the mounting orientation of the screen. Do you plan on installing the screen to a permanent location, or do you plan to use a portable screen?

- Select a screen surface. Think about all aspects of the use your screen will serve. What images will you be showing? Also keep in mind the location of the screen, and the light source the room will use. Most manufacturers will specify viewing angles to help you decide which screen surface is right for you.

- Choose an aspect ratio. Will you be using HDTV therefore presenting in widescreen, or using standard display images?

- Finally, determine the screen size. It will all depend on the room you have and on other specifications you may require.

After having an answer or solution for the above points, you can take the information you have with you when choosing a projection screen. You should be able to find a screen that meets all of your needs.



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