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How do I purchase projectors for large venues?

Purchase Projectors for Large Venues

When you want to purchase projectors for large venues you will need to choose a projector with a high number of Lumens. Large venue projectors range from 4,000 to as much as 25,000 Lumens. They are heavier and for Trade Show use are considerably less portable. A 4000-6000 Lumens multimedia projector may weigh as much as 30 pounds. These projectors are typically wall or ceiling mounted and typically you order them direct from a licensed seller.

Can I play a DVD for a small group of people with a mulitmedia projector?

Choosing Dual DVD Players/ Multimedia Projectors

For small Trade Show venues, DVD Multimedia Projectors are a great choice. With a Lumens of 2000 and lower, not only is the projector light and portable but you can use it to show your presentation DVDs to a small group. This is the perfect projector for a group of 50 people or less and doesn't require a lot of other equipment and accessories.

What type of projector will I need for an audience of 25 people or less?

Multimedia Projectors for Small Audiences

Setting up a Trade Show exhibit for a small audience isn't hard to do if you have the right equipment. For an audience of 25 people or less, choose multimedia projectors that have roughly 1300 Lumens and a Resolution of 1024x768. Choose a 60 or 80-inch portable projection screen and you will be all set. Make sure to practice your presentation before the big day.

Who can help me set up my large venue projection?

Using a Trade Show Tech for Your Large Venue Projection

Trade shows in large venues can require a lot of setup. One simple way to ensure that you will have the Trade Show exhibit that you have planned is to hire a Trade Show tech. The tech will be in charge of making sure that the large venue projection is flawless and that your equipment will be ready for you to use. Some companies that rent trade show equipment will also set it up for you and will also help you with any questions that you have about using it.

What kind of screen should I use with multimedia projectors?

Choosing Screens for Multimedia Projectors

Your Trade Show's success rests not only in the multimedia projectors that you select, but also in the screen that you use to project your display. One of the hottest trends in the Trade Show industry is to use the large sized Plasma screens. These screens range in size from 37”- 61”. Plasma Displays are a show stopping way to draw attention to your Trade Show display.

Are there any LCOS projectors on the market?

Choosing an LCOS Projector

LCOS or Liquid Crystal on Silicon has been touted to be the better than Texas Instrument's DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). For those who favor LCOS the technology is still fairly new, but the Canon Realis SX50 does utilize it and at 8.6 pounds is portable and light. However, the Resolution setting of 1400 x 1050 pixels doesn't make it suitable for everyone.

How do I determine my ROI with trade show projectors?

Determining your ROI with Trade Show Projectors

Your Return of Investment or ROI with trade show projectors is vitally important to calculating how much profit you have made. The easiest way to determine your ROI is to take your income and subtract from it the costs of your inventory and supplies. The amount left is your Return of Investment. Using multimedia projectors for your displays is a great way to improve your ROI. It is more cost effective to create a captivating visual display as opposed to printing handouts that may be immediately discarded.

What is LCOS?


LCOS stands for liquid crystal on silicon. It produces video that is known to be superior to LCD, or DLP. Instead of using individual mirrors, LCOS uses liquid crystals to make a picture. In all, LCOS takes the best of LCD and DLP, combining them and offering truly unparallel quality. LCOS projectors can still be difficult to find and expensive, but the technology is becoming more widely used.

What is the difference between SVGA and XGA?

Multimedia Projectors, SVGA, and XGA

When choosing multimedia projectors you will be offered the choice of either SVGA or XGA. SVGA stands for Super Video Graphics Array and XGA stands for Extended Graphics Array. XGA is a higher resolution than SVGA and results in a much sharper and clearer picture. You should choose a projector that is using the same graphics array as your computer. XGA resolution is 1024x 768 and SVGA is 800x600. You can check your computers graphics settings by going to the Control Panel and clicking on the Display tab.

How can I get the most out of my Trade Show projector?

Utilizing Mulitmedia Projectors at Trade Shows

When you can't bring all of your products to your Trade Show, the solution is to give your presentation with multimedia projectors. The best projectors for use in Trade Shows will be portable, lightweight, and have enough lumens to give the best picture according to room size and target audience. Lightweight projectors that weigh in between 3-8 lbs. are best, and you can even find wireless products that will speed up set up and presentation times. Remember that the lower the Lumens, the less the lighting will be. Although portable projectors are typically lower in Lumens remember that 1,000 Lumens is low light and best for a target audience of 1-25 people, 2000 Lumens is for a target audience of 25-50 people, and 3000 Lumens is recommended for up to 100 people. If you are looking at a target audience of 100 and more people for your Trade Show it is best to go with 5000 Lumens.

What's an easy way to compare trade show projectors?

Comparing Trade Show Projectors

If you plan on using a projector at a trade show, but haven't had an opportunity to actually test projectors in the field, here's an idea: Visit the annual CEDIA trade show, which is one of many shows that are dedicated to electronics, making it possible for you to attend and compare projectors and get a good idea of what will fit your needs. If you can't make it to a trade show, you can compare many products on the Internet at review and comparison Web sites. And if you plan on visiting a local store, ask the sales representative for a comparison list of the different projectors they sell.

Can I rent a projector for a trade show presentation?

Renting A Projector For a Trade Show

A trade show projector can be rented for as little or as long as you need, usually paying for the projector for each day used. You'll find that renting can be a great alternative to owning because the venue projector can be set up for you at your booth, and some companies will even assist you in making your presentation as well as even creating a presentation for you. Most trade shows will provide information about companies offering these services.

Are there wireless multimedia projectors?

Wireless Multimedia Projectors

Wireless multimedia projectors are becoming increasingly popular, especially with Trade Show vendors. Setting up displays is much simpler without worrying about cables and cords. Though wireless projectors are still a relatively new technology, many companies are now offering wireless projectors as well as accessories. Check with the manufacturer of your multimedia projector and see if they have a wireless card and software on the market. You may be able to pull the plug on your projector.

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