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Can my government projector overheat?

Let Your Government Projector Cool Down

Many people just rely upon the internal fans to keep their government projector cool. However, when placing projectors near other equipment, such as computers, DVD players, VCRs, and audio systems your projector can overheat. This will have a detrimental effect on the projector in the long run. Always make sure that other equipment is not blocking the projector and that it has plenty of room to cool down.

What kind of projector can handle the State of the Union Address?

Government Projectors for the State of the Union Address

Choosing a government projector that can handle the demands of the State of the Union Address will require a high number of Lumens. Look for a Lumens count of at least 4500 to handle successful illumination in bright rooms. A higher contras ratio such as 800:1 will ensure that little details and colors are picked up and reflected accurately.

Are there wireless government projectors?

Wireless Government Projectors

For government training and presentations, wireless projectors can give the presenter freedom and versatility. It is also a great choice if there is more than one speaker and if a number of computers will be used. By using a wireless network, the presenters can switch easily without long delays. Wireless government projectors are still fairly new so choose from a GSA approved supplier and receive a government discount.

How many Lumens should a portable government projector have?

Choosing a Portable Government Projector

If you need a projector that is small and portable, how does fewer than 2 pounds sound? There are many government projectors that are lightweight and make mobility simple. Whether you are giving a briefing or training in a local government office, if you need a portable projector choose one that has at least 1000 Lumens and an XGA resolution to ensure that you don't sacrifice quality for size.

Can I get a free warranty on my government projector with my GSA account?

Choosing Extended Warranties for Government Projectors

When using your GSA account to buy government projectors you qualify for many discounts, such as free shipping, lowered cost, and added features. You may also qualify for longer extended warranties. Make sure to ask your government reseller about any applicable GSA discounted or free warranty programs for your projector.

What is GSA?

What is GSA and what does it have to do with Government Projectors?

GSA stands for the United States General Service Administration. A company that sells projectors, that holds a GSA contract, has been approved to do business with the government. Government representatives who are purchasing projectors should conduct business only with GSA approved vendors. gov

What should I look for in a government projector used for training?

Government Projectors and Training

When using government projectors in training situations, you will want to make sure that your projector has plenty of Lumens as well as many multimedia outputs. Choosing a projector with at least 3000 Lumens will ensure that your presentation will be seen, even during daylight hours. Make sure that the projector has at least four internal 300-Watt speakers for optimum sound quality.

Is the case that came with my government projector enough to protect it when traveling?

Travel Tips for your Government Projector

Whether you are giving presentations or teaching seminars, if you are traveling with your government projector you will need to make sure that you safeguard your projector. Always make sure that you use a travel case specifically designed for your projector and its accompanying accessories. The case that came with your projector is not sufficient for protecting it during travel.

Can I use different lenses on my government projector?

Add Flexibility to your Government Projector: Use Replaceable Lenses

By adding different lenses to your government projector you can enhance its capabilities. You can purchase a projector that has different lenses that contain various Lumens to get the most out of your purchase.

How can a vendor sell government projectors?

How can a Vendor sell Government Projectors?

The U.S Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Transportation purchase projectors from vendors who hold GSA schedules and are CCR (Central Contractor Registration). Registering with the General Service Administration will enable vendors to become approved for government projector sales. First, the vendor should register in the Central Contractor Registration database. Next, they will need to obtain an Open Ratings Inc. reference check. Then they will need to complete all information to negotiate the best offer.

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