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Can I replace the bulb in my church projector?

Replacement Bulbs and Church Projectors

It can be very expensive to replace the bulbs in church projectors. Also, if you have your projector mounted on the ceiling it can also be a very challenging task to perform. It is best to choose your projector while considering the cost of replacement bulbs as well as determining how long the bulb for that projector will last. Due to the high cost of replacement bulbs and the difficulty in replacing ceiling mounted projector bulbs, a higher price spent for a projector with a long bulb life will pay off in savings in the end.

Does screen size matter?

Screen Size and Lumens for a Church Projector

Many people consider the amount of Lumens a projector has when choosing a church projector, but another important factor to consider is the size of the screen. You can choose from either a wall mounted or a portable screen. If you choose to project an image that is larger than an average screen size, you should increase the Lumens in your projector to ensure that the quality of your image is not affected. 4000 Lumens is a great choice for most church projectors.

What is Keystoning?

Choose a Church Projector with Adjustable Keystone Capabilities

Choose a church projector that has Adjustable Keystoning capabilities. If a projector is seated either above or below the center axis of the screen, the resulting image will be distorted. Keystoning is the ability to bring the picture back into focus. You should choose a projector that has both vertical and horizontal keystone correction abilities.

Does it make a difference if my computer and church projector have different settings?

Resolution and Compatibility with Church Projectors

Your projector will have its own resolution, either SVGA or XGA. There may be unsightly complications if you choose a projector that has a different output than the resolution of your computer. To ensure the best picture make sure that your computer and projector have the same resolution. To check your computer's resolution setting go to Control Panel, Display, and choose settings. If you see 800x 600 it is SVGA; XGA is 1024 x 768. Make sure that your church computers and projectors are compatible.

Are there wireless church projectors?

Choosing Wireless Church Projectors

Using wireless projectors in your church services has many advantages, especially if you have guest speakers or more than one computer working with the projector at the same time. You can choose between Real Time wireless projectors as well as Upload wireless church projectors. You will more than likely find Real Time more useful than the Upload capabilities because your images are displayed in Real Time compared to a previous upload

How important is contrast when choosing church projectors?

Church Projectors and Contrast

Contrast is also an important issue for your overall image quality. Contrast will determine how dark your darkest spots will be. The average contrast ratio to look for is at least 400:1for LCD projectors and 4000:1 for DLP church projectors. The higher the contrast level, the more in depth color you will see. This is important if you plan to show any type of colored film with your projector.

Do church projectors have speakers?

Church Projectors and Audio

One of the most important issues that churches need to address is handling sound with their church projectors. If a church is playing a multimedia DVD or Power Point display that contains sound, you will need to either use the speakers provided with the projector or use audio cables to connect to outside speakers. To use the internal speakers on your church projector for a small audience of 25 or less, make sure that the projetor has at least 1 Watt. For larger audiences, a projector with 2-½ -3 Watts should be sufficient.

What type of projector is best for my church?

Church Projectors: Low Decibel Projector

The problem with using a very bright digital projector is that it may make a more noise than a low lumen digital projector. The brighter the projector is, the more fans that it will need to keep the projector cool. In most business environments, you may not even notice the constant humming coming from the digital projector. However, in a church, especially while everyone is silently praying, it could be a distraction. Look for a DLP or LCD projector that has a low decibel rating, which is the amount of noise the projector makes when in use. Any rating at or below 37 decibels is considered pretty quiet.

What type of projector is best for my church?

Church Projectors: Brightness

If your church has numerous windows, even stained glass windows, you'll probably need a multimedia projector with more than 2500 lumens of brightness.

Several church officials that have used multimedia projectors that are less than 1000 lumens and yet had an adequate image from the projector. That is the exception and not the rule. Those churches are usually very small and quite dim.

How can I determine what type of church projector I need?

Choosing Church Projectors by Target Audience

You can narrow down your choice of church projectors by determining who your target audience will be. If you intend to use an overhead projector in a Sunday School room with little children, then you may want to select added features such as a foldable lens to prevent the projector from becoming damaged. You can choose a projector that will be used with an adult Sunday School class that has an open head.

What type of projector is best for my church?

Church Projectors: Ceiling Mount

The large majority of churches utilize ceiling mounts in order to affix their church projector. The best way to determine where to put the ceiling mount is to use a tall stepladder. Turn the digital projector on and aim it at the projection screen. Next, carefully put the digital projector on top of the ladder and determine the right distance that will fill the entire projection screen. Once you figure out how far it needs to be and at what height, mark it with a string hanging down from the ceiling. That is where you need to ceiling mount the church projector.

Do we need a fixed installation projector?

Fixed Installation Projectors

Fixed-installation projectors are designed for auditoriums or presentation halls and are perfect for schools or churches. Usually, the projectors used in fixed installations are the more powerful and more expensive models, because they need to be able to broadcast on large projection screens to big groups. If you don't usually have a need for one of these big and expensive projectors but are planning a huge presentation, you can look into renting one for as little as a day, or for as long as you'll need it.

Should portability affect my choice of church projector?

Church Projectors and Portability

Portability should be a determining factor in your choice of church projector. Ask yourself if you will need to move the projector from room to room, will it be ceiling mounted, or will you actually store the projector away when not in use. By determining the portability of the projector that you need you can narrow the list of potential projectors to purchase. Most portable projectors weigh between 5-8 pounds, however you can choose a heavier projector if it will remain on a cart (20-30 lbs.) however, if you intend to store the projector when not in use, you can choose one with parts that fold during storage.

What type of projector is best for my church?

Church Projectors: Resolution

XGA resolution projectors produce more detail as well as a much better image. Because song lyrics and scripture would need to be very large for the rear of the congregation to read, SVGA resolution projectors could be used. SVGA is an acceptable resolution when you intend to project large type and large images that are not detail oriented. You can save quite a bit of money by purchasing a high brightness SVGA resolution projector, rather than an XGA resolution projector for your church. Of course, if you choose to spend a little more for an XGA resolution projector, your church-goers will receive a much better image.

What type of projector is best for my church?

Church Projectors: Projection Distance

The most important factor for choosing a church projector is the distance from the projector to the projection screen. This is also the trickiest part about choosing a church projector. Speak with one of a church projector consultants about your specific church setup. They will help you determine the right size for your projection screen, the distance your projector needs to be from the projection screen and the church projector that is best for the job.

What type of projector is best for my church?

Church Projectors: IR Extender Repeater

The best way for a church official to control the projector is with an IR Extender Repeater. This is a hardwired system using an Infrared receiver that receives the projector remote signal and sends it along a low voltage wire to a connecting block. This block then sends the signal through an emitter on to your church projector. This system has the benefit of low price and high reliability.

Should I choose a DLC or LPD church projector?

Which Church Projector is Best- DLC or LPD?

When choosing church projectors you will be able to select from DLC or LPD models. DLC stands for Digital Light Processing and LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is recommended that you select a LCD church projector due to the fact that LCD projectors are brighter and have more distinct colors.

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