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What different type of screens are there?

Different Style Of Screens For Projectors

With every presentation, there is need for a projector screen. There are four different styles of screens that are the most popular, which are: - Electric - Manual - Permanent wall-mounted – Portable. These screens all do the same thing, which is give you a place to project your presentation. The biggest difference in them is simply the way they are stored and displayed. If you are working in a small room, a tri-pod style or rolling portable may fit your needs the most. If you have a lot of space and a need for something more permanent, try a wall-mounted screen.

How do I create and deliver PowerPoint presentations?

Better Projector Presentations: Don't Read PowerPoint Slides

Again, this question can help you judge whether your slides actually add to your projector presentation content. The purpose of projecting a visual is to show the audience your key points. If you merely repeat aloud what they can readily see and read, audience members have little incentive to pay attention to what you say. Either re-design the PowerPoint slide so it contributes to your content or leave it out entirely.

How do I create better PowerPoint presentations?

Projector Presentations: Simple Visuals

Follow the "one concept per visual" rule, and try not to use more than three bullets per PowerPoint slide. Consider putting as much text on your PowerPoint slide as you would on a billboard or T-shirt. And always remember to say more than you show.

Ceiling mounting or table top, what's better for my business?

Corporate Ceiling Mounting vs. Table Top

There are two ways to position your projector -- mounting it to the ceiling or just positioning it on a table or rolling cart. The advantage of mounting a projector on the ceiling is that you have a fixed position and the projector is out of the way. An advantage of having the projector on the table is for accessibility and portability. When possible, ceiling mounting is the best bet and will provide maximum convenience for a company who doesn't have a need to move a projector around. And remember, when you have a projector in a closet or a box, that's where they tend to stay. And if you're investing in a projector, you want it to be used.

How do I create better PowerPoint presentations?

Projector Presentations: Evaluation

When evaluating your visuals before delivering your PowerPoint presentation, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this PowerPoint visual easy to absorb within five to eight seconds (the average adult attention span)?
  • Is it clear where the eye should travel and what the listener should look at first?
  • Does the PowerPoint visual hold your attention and support a key point in your overall message?
What's better, LCD or DLP?

LCD vs. DLP Projector

In a school, church, or especially a corporation, visual quality is very important when making presentations. In a lot of cases, you are trying to gain business with your presentation, or gain members to your church. The presentation may be to highlight all of the school's activities which are being shared with parents. So when it comes to picture quality, what is the way to go? LCDs tend to have a brighter and sharper picture than a DLP. But with DLP, you'll notice deeper blacks and a higher contrast. It all comes down to preference, as one is not necessarily better than the other. The best recommendation is to compare both models side by side, and choose which looks best to you and meets your needs. As far as cost goes, both styles will be about the same price range.

How do I create and deliver PowerPoint presentations?

Better Projector Presentations: Wake up Your Audience

If you are using a PowerPoint projector, make sure the unit has sufficient lumens to overpower standard room lighting and reduce the need to dim the lights. Or see if it's possible to turn off only the lights that are proximate to the screen. If your PowerPoint projector is not very bright, you may have to dim or turn off the lights, which may make it more difficult for your audience to stay awake.

What are the differences between lumens?

Training And Conference Room Projectors

If you're thinking of purchasing a conference room projector, look for a bright projector that runs 2500-5000 lumens. The following is a guide of how many lumens to look for depending on how many people you typically have at your presentations and the amount of light in the conference room: - At least 2500 lumens for audiences of less than 100 with ambient light – At least 3000 lumens for audiences of 100-200 with ambient light – At least 5000 lumens for audiences of 100 or more under bright lights

How do I create better PowerPoint presentations?

Projector Presentations: Color Counts

Color attracts attention, adds vitality and increases people's willingness to pay attention to your visuals. Keep your general color scheme and design consistent throughout your PowerPoint presentation. The background color, font style, colors and logo should be the same throughout your PowerPoint presentation.

How do I create better PowerPoint presentations?

Projector Presentations: Balance

Design your PowerPoint presentation visuals to help your listeners follow their natural tendencies. Words and phrases should read left to right and top to bottom, the way audiences are used to seeing them. Don't put the title anywhere but at the top of the PowerPoint presentation. Use arrows and other visual cues to help guide your audience immediately through the visual.

How do I create and deliver PowerPoint presentations?

Better Projector Presentations: Can it be Read from the Back?

Projector presentations can be a very effective way to get your point across. Presenters often are tempted to throw every bit of minutiae on a slide. As a result, text gets smaller and may look like an eye chart to audience members in the back. Avoid this by using large type and keeping the information on each slide to a minimum. If the details are that important, put them in a handout.

Can we rent or lease a projector?

Renting or Leasing Projectors in Business

If you're not ready to make an investment on a corporate projector, you have other options. It's fairly common to rent or lease a projector for an agreed-upon daily or monthly fee. Three-year leases tend to run from $125 to $250 per month for a moderately priced model, but ends up costing you about the same as just purchasing one in the long run. Leasing can make sense for some businesses, however, given the ability to write it off as a business expense. But if you only need the projector for a small period of time, daily rentals can come in handy at about $100 a day, and would be the way to go for something like an annual company presentation.

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