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Which projector brand is best?

InFocus Projectors

InFocus is dedicated to consistently deliver best-in-class projectors that are easy to use and integrate, provide perfect images, true multimedia capabilities, quick setup and intuitive operation. InFocus projectors come with interactive displays, which tell users what steps to take to connect a computer, and color-coded cables that take the guesswork out of projection set up.

InFocus has also developed state of the art, easy to use; secure wireless capabilities for its projectors, while making them compatible with a wide range of technologies. Users can connect to a variety of sources including digital and analog PCs, DVD players, HDTVs, S-video, VCRs, workstations, laser disc players and gaming devices.

If you have an older InFocus or ASK Proxima product and you want to upgrade, InFocus has a great program for you! Get money toward the purchase of a new InFocus projector! Even if you have another brand of projector or overhead projector, you could still qualify to receive money towards the purchase of a new InFocus projector.

Which projector brand is best?

Hitachi Projectors

Projector users are discovering that Hitachi projectors are the way to go for quality presentation solutions at an affordable price. When it comes to LCD projectors, Hitachi offers some of the most reliable projectors at prices for every budget.

Did you know that Hitachi projectors have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry? Because Hitachi has vast experience in the research and development of many types of electronics, they build LCD projectors that will last. On the rare occasion that you do have a problem with your Hitachi projector, they'll take care of it. Hitachi covers all of their projectors with a three-year projector warranty that includes a free overnight loaner unit for the entire three years.

Which projector brand is best?

Sanyo Projectors

Sanyo projectors are arguably the best value of projector on the market. Sanyo builds more data/video projectors than any other manufacturer and as a result can provide customers with a wide range of projectors at a reasonable price. Sanyo's commitment to engineering and research and development puts them at the forefront of projector firsts and innovative designs.

Sanyo also confidently provides one of the longest projector warranties in the industry: 3 years. All Sanyo data/video projectors carry a three-year warranty on parts and labor and a 90-day warranty on the lamp. In the unlikely event that a Sanyo projector needs warranty service, Sanyo's Quick Return Program (QRP) typically provides a fast 24-to-72-hour turnaround time for repairs. Sanyo even pays for the freight.

If you're in the market for a reliable projector, a Sanyo projector will give you a high quality data/video projector backed by a solid three-year warranty at a reasonable price.

Which projector brand is best?

NEC Projectors

Benefits of purchasing an NEC projector:

*Broadest line of product - NEC offers over 20 large screen displays to support most any application.

* Works every time - NEC projectors are rock solid. A recent independent market study from TFC Info showed that NEC projectors and NEC plasmas are known to have among the highest quality in the industry.

* Industry leading service and support - As reported in the 2003 Pacific Media Reseller's Survey, NEC is a leader in projector quality and reliability, after-sales support and return/repair programs.

* Crystal clear images - All NEC projectors and NEC plasmas show clear images every time. Research shows that NEC projectors and plasmas are known to display the best images and NEC continues to earns numerous awards and accolades for image quality and performance.

Which projector brand is best?

Toshiba Projectors

Toshiba's conference room projectors integrate a large array of features designed to empower the business professionals, including wireless connectivity and a special document camera that allows users to display integral 3-D objects, fine print text or photographic images and samples to create powerful multimedia presentations.

The document camera available on many Toshiba projectors is an industry-exclusive feature that makes Toshiba projectors a perfect choice for educators, trainers, lawyers and even many business professionals.
Toshiba projectors also feature unique Natural Color Enhancer color correction circuitry, which delivers greatly improved image quality for sharp, bright, vivid and captivating images.

If you would like the added benefit of a projector with a document camera, Toshiba projectors are your best (and only) option.

Which projector brand is best?

Mitsubishi Projectors

Relax. Mitsubishi has taken the worry out of your next presentation. In fact Mitsubishi's user-friendly business and home theater projectors are so easy and reliable to operate, you can focus your undivided attention on the audience, not the projector.
With Mitsubishi projectors, you have added peace of mind knowing you are partnering with the industry leader in both business and home theater projection technology, recognized worldwide for innovation, impeccable projector performance and durability. Plus, your Mitsubishi projector is protected by a three-year parts and labor warranty and toll-free technical support available seven days a week. For most Mitsubishi projector models, Mitsubishi offers a three-year Emergency Roadside Assistance program providing a free replacement projector delivered next business day.

A Mitsubishi-exclusive, Natural Color Matrix is the patented, award-winning color adjustment system that enables Mitsubishi's LCD projectors to produce the most vibrant and realistic colors no other projectors can match. Natural Color Matrix enables the projector to closely match color of the original source material such as photographs, graphics, corporate logos, and many more.

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