Projectors and XGA Compression

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What is XGA Compression?

Projectors and XGA Compression

When it comes to compression rates for resolution settings, the latest trend is to go with XGA. Most projectors, computers, as well as other digital equipment are choosing XGA versus SVGA settings. XGA is a standard sized setting of 1024x768 and SVGA has a setting of 800x600. You should make sure that your computer and projector have the same resolution settings. If they don't they will need to “compress” the images. For instance, an XGA projector will “compress” the image to be seen on an SVGA computer screen and vice versa. XGA leads the way because it will compress SVGA without a problem. However, if SVGA compresses XGA your result will be a badly distorted image. Therefore, most projectors, computers, and other multimedia equipment are being designed at XGA resolutions.



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