Make your projector lamp last: Allow projector lamp to cool

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How can I get the most hours out of my projector lamp?

Make your projector lamp last: Allow projector lamp to cool

What is the most common reason for projector bulbs with shortened lives? Not allowing the projector bulbs to cool. Most projectors have a feature where they power down themselves, just make sure that you don't move the projector while it is in this mode. Some older model projectors may also feature a hard on/off switch as well as a projector lamp on/off switch. For those, turn the projector lamp off first and after it powers down, turn the projector off.



5/31/2007 5:59:36 PM
Jim Buccigrossi said:

I am looking for advice on how bulb life is affected by ON/OFF cycles. e.g. If I have 1 hour between 2 presentations, is it better to leave the thing on, or shut it off? What is the TYPICAL break-even point for on/off cycle vs on-time?? 30 min, 1hr, 2hr???


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