CRT Projectors: More work than LCD and DLP Projectors

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Should I buy a CRT projector or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

CRT Projectors: More work than LCD and DLP Projectors

There is a lot that a CRT projector user must know. CRT projectors have three tubes in them, also known as guns. One tube is for red, one for blue and one for green. When one of these tubes dies, you have to replace all three, which tends to get very expensive, not to mention tedious. The next thing to look at is convergence. With a CRT projector there is a lot of work that goes into making sure the image is set right between the three tubes and that they are all firing with the same intensity. Also arranging the horizontal and vertical syncs and calibrating the machine overall, can make for a fun filled Sunday afternoon.
CRT's are not really available new any longer because the call for the technology just isn't there any more since the advent of the newer LCD projectors and DLP projectors. The advantages of
LCD projectors and DLP projectors for home theater are numerous. But for starters, all you need to do to start watching a movie, is turn on the DVD Player and turn on the home theater projector. And maybe make a bowl of popcorn.



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