Big Screen TVs: Save space with a home theater projector

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Should I buy a big screen TV or LCD/DLP projector for my home theatre?

Big Screen TVs: Save space with a home theater projector

Large screen TV's are a great step into the world of bigger home theater, but like all things they have a few drawbacks. Pricing hasn't changed much on big screen TVs in the last few years, though formats have. Now there are flat screen TV's that are in both Widescreen format as well as standard TV style 4:3. With each new technology that surfaces, big screen TVs are trying to become more like home theater projectors.

The major downfall to large screen TVs is the sheer magnitude of the set itself. This makes rearranging a room difficult and moving a huge chore. But what if your home theater consisted of a much larger screen, and a much smaller box? That's the beauty of home theater projectors. Front projection home theaters are the size of a laptop computer, but can project a movie the size of your living room wall. Find out why a home theater projector should be the cornerstone of your home theater.



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