Home Theatre Projector Cable Tips: S-Video and Y/C Cables

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What cables are best for my home theatre projector?

Home Theatre Projector Cable Tips: S-Video and Y/C Cables

S-Video, which was introduced in the 1980s, solved some of the problems that came with composite video. S-video cables differ from composite video cables in that they split video signal into two different components: luminance and chrominance. The quality of video these produce are a much better and clearer video signal on the screen than the composite video cables. The reason for this fact is due to that with S-Video cables, the video signal is split up into its elementary characteristics of chrominance & luminance. Whereas with the composite video cable, chrominance & luminance values are blended together which results in a little less quality in the video signal. This improvement makes for much better home theater video.



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