Home Theatre Projector Cable Tips: DVI Cables

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What cables are best for my home theatre projector?

Home Theatre Projector Cable Tips: DVI Cables

Today you are capable of the purest video using Digital Video Interface (DVI) cables. However, DVI home theater cables are still in development and there is no universal standard for the DVI cable. Under ideal circumstances, the DVI home theater cable creates a ‘digital to digital' connection between video or data source and the home theater projector. There are, however, only limited situations when this ideal circumstance occurs.
The general rule with DVI cables is that 5m (16ft) is the maximum length for trouble-free operation. Some have been able to use inexpensive cables for slightly longer runs, but they are the exception -- not the rule.

HDCP over DVI is a recent development in the world of consumer electronics. The new HDCP content protection standard has expanded the use of DVI in high definition DVD players and HDTV set top boxes.
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